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The digital hub for eHealth innovators.

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Blockchain for eHealth

Digital and disruptive technologies introduce new approaches to address the individuals needs. 
People Business and IT melt more and more together initiating economic, social and behavioural change.
Disruption is changing the way people perceive their existence and contribution in society.
Besides our professions we are all human, interested to use innovation that adapts daily needs.

The foundation focuses on innovation and complexity in society when technologies like blockchain introduce new ways of interacting in private and professional level.
Motivation is to connect all involved parties of the healthcare ecosystem: people (patients or not), entrepreneurs, health professionals, IT experts, designers, strategists, health insurers, pharmaceutical experts, nutritionists and many others. Goal is to rethink, redesign and reinvent healthcare services, open up to innovation, new adaptive, integrative and user friendlier decentralized applications for our digital health future.

This Digital Innovation Hub has no limits and no borders.
Encourages individuals with interdisciplinary skills to commit actively on a common vision and bulid together the new era of eHealth.


Dimitra Papadopoulou
Founder & VP at Blockchain for eHealth
CEO at meHealthX

PD. Dr. med Soenke Bartling
Founder & VP at Blockchain for Science
Blockchain Adviser at meHealthX


Priyata Kalra, PhD
Systems Biology Expert
at meHealthX

Aaron Rösch, M.D.
Co Founder & CMO at meHealthX

Adam Nagy, MSc. Smart Cities
Blockchain development at meHealthX

Dr. med. Alvar Mollik 
Leading Healthcare Specialist 

Dr. Martin Etzrodt
Innovation Incentivation Specialist

Panagiotis Papadopoulos
IT Security and ID Management Specialist

Yamila Eraso Pena
Attorney at Law
Blockchain Specialist

Mehdi Benchoufi
Assistant Prof. Epidimiology
Center, Hospital Hôtel-Dieu

Dr. Bodo Brueckner
Coordinator Lifescience Accelerator Baden-Wuerttemberg at Stadt Mannheim

Ada Jonuse
CEO at

Dr. Christina Czeschik
eHealth, Blockchain Consultant and Author

Dr. Aleksandra Sokolowska
Computational Scientist

Adrin Jalali, PhD
Data Science Bioinformatics
at meHealthX



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